Surely everyone remembers some spoon flying like an airplane in front of a baby. I am not sure if it should whet your appetite, but it is undeniable that it seems like fun. This airplane is fully made by wood. And as you can see on the pictures everything was ensembled only by carpenter's glue. […]
Simply because I love bicycles! Cycling has been always one of my passions, and this time I decided to mix my profession and my hobby to develop this version of a city bicycle. The other reason of this project is The Netherlands. I have had the opportunity to live in this country where I have been […]
A stool made only with cardboard, removable and without additives. It arises within a project which aim is to obtain elements designed only with cardboard and intended for an ephemeral exhibition. Therefore, there were two basic design conditions and the furniture needed to be both: a removable (or easy to transport) and a plain piece, […]
“My little adventure as an entrepreneur. For two years I have been designing, manufacturing, selling and doing everything that involves the management and direction of a company specializing in wooden glasses”. In 2013, La Serrella was set up by Sandy Peterson and Adrià Cano López. It is a new firm dedicated to the wooden glasses […]
  A container for oranges designed to protect and show them in an attractive way. This project was a finalist in the III contest organized by “Cluster container and packaging” in 2012. The objective was the development of a new packaging to export citrus fruits from Spain to the English market. The proposal achieves stackable […]
"A swing of relaxation". It's Sunday, it's sunny, you smell the aroma of your fresh coffee and you start reading that book that you like so much... An armchair designed to relax. Assigned to that favorite corner of your house where you can avoid stress and take a short break. But we could also find […]
As every year, the textile world has one of its most important appointments in Heimtextil (Germany). FIL GOOD was the proposal chosen by the company Piel S.A. to represent the firm in the fair. With the occasion of this event, the company Piel S.A. performs annually a collaboration with the Escola d'Art d'Alcoi to find […]
“Present, appearing, or found everywhere”. “The ability to be in the right place, in the right moment giving the impression to be everywhere”. This is the objective of this furniture, be there in every occasion that you might need it. Being versatile and being able to adapt to the moment and the space. A project […]
This project is based on the search for a funerary container made with sustainable materials that respect the environment. The aim of the design is to permit the container’s deposit in a natural environment so that the life cycle can act by itself. The design’s shape clearly refers to an egg, the container that in […]
An interactive and alternative ball. This project arises to recover and upgrade the classic toys through the implementation of new technologies. The result is the fusion of a basic item - the ball - and the modern smartphone and tablet. It works with a Bluetooth mechanism that connects the ball with the device. The ball […]
They can maybe go unnoticed in our lives, but we use them daily and we hope that, at least, they fulfill its function. However, I am pretty sure that more than one has ever had a squabble with them; the hangers. “Tacit is my version of this essential object”. The project was awarded first prize […]