“Present, appearing, or found everywhere”. The ability to be in the right place, in the right moment giving the impression to be everywhere”. This is the objective of this furniture, be there in every occasion that you might need it. Being versatile and being able to adapt to the moment and the space. A project that emerges following the steps of Soft Seating.

The main element, the chair, is designed to be used in two positions; the conventional one, and in the other way around (allowing you to use your backrest as a table). This design allows to play with the furniture as a modular element to form different compositions in the space. The collection has also been completed by a double armchair and two auxiliary tables of different heights that can be used individually or combined with each other.


Ubiquitous was awarded with an ACTIU honorable mention. This company, specialized in office furniture, organized an event in 2012 in collaboration with the EASDAlcoi and the UPV to find creative furniture proposals. Basically, the only premise was the use of the Soft Seating movement as a base of the idea.

But, what is the Soft Seating? This is an extended trend within office furniture, which seeks to blur the barrier between what we have always understood as a work space and what could be a more informal and homelike area. A flexible space, stimulating, with freedom, where you can be individually working or holding a meeting.