They can maybe go unnoticed in our lives, but we use them daily and we hope that, at least, they fulfill its function. However, I am pretty sure that more than one has ever had a squabble with them; the hangers. “Tacit is my version of this essential object”.

The project was awarded first prize at the III Don Emilio Erum contest in Spain. This is an event organized by the hanger’s specialist company Erum in cooperation with the EASDAlcoi design school. The competition’s aim is to collect new industry ideas to leverage the product physical, emotional and functional aspects.

Tacit means understood without being openly expressed; implied. And this is what the object pretends to be: a simple design, fast and easy to use. Its conical shape allows you to pile them, important point for its storage and transportation. Moreover, its attractiveness makes it perfect for the clothes exhibition in the stores. Finally, the panel highlighted its viability and commercial capacity, important aspect that takes the design closer to its market commercialization.