The result is the fusion of a basic item - the ball - and the modern smartphone and tablet. It works with a Bluetooth mechanism that connects the ball with the device. The ball is equipped with the main components to measure the desired data. In this case, the basic equipment includes an accelerometer and a GPS.

By their very definition, "Al Carrer" (in english; in the street) is a game which aim is to encourage children to play outside their home. Moreover, it wants to avoid the typical sports such football by representing an alternative game that promotes other kind of urban activities. The toy can be used individually or in group.

The game includes different modalities such as the ones bellow:

  • Touches: The device counts how long the ball remains without touching the floor.
  • Distance: The distance to which the ball is thrown is measured.
  • Race: the speed at which the ball is transported or thrown is measured.