Surely everyone remembers some spoon flying like an airplane in front of a baby. I am not sure if it should whet your appetite, but it is undeniable that it seems like fun.

This airplane is fully made by wood. And as you can see on the pictures everything was ensembled only by carpenter’s glue. But as we already know, children love to see you pick up their objects, or what is the same, they love to throw everything on the floor. For this reason, to obtain a more resistant result, it was decided to use wooden blocks for the union between the different parts of the airplane.

Honestly, this product could already be found on the market. But my humble contribution is reflected in the anchoring system for the cutlery. Most of the existing products have the spoon attached to the aircraft itself, usually with screws. But with the method used in Àneu, the spoon is simply held thanks to an elastic band. This allows you to put or remove the spoon very easily, making it much easier to clean it or even exchange it for any cutlery to your liking.

And why not! once the child grows up, the airplane can continue to be used separately as a toy without the need to carry a spoon or anything else.