Simply because I love bicycles!

Cycling has been always one of my passions, and this time I decided to mix my profession and my hobby to develop this version of a city bicycle.

The other reason of this project is The Netherlands. I have had the opportunity to live in this country where I have been riding a bicycle for 365 days per year. Cycling to go to work, to buy groceries or to enjoy the good weather close to some canal or lake. And that also means cycling when it is raining (quite often), dry, with wind (also quite often) or even when it is snowing. Anyway, for someone who loves bicycles, this is a kind of paradise where you can go everywhere very easily and safe due to the excelent bicycle paths infrastructure. Ah! the characteristic flat Dutch landscape also helps a bit…

The bicycle is equipped with 28” wheels, the common size for city bicycles. The fork choice is a rigid one to obtain a lighter and cheaper result. But to compensate the absence of suspension, the model is equiped with wide tires. And finally, we can highlight the disc brakes and hub gears (internal gearing system). Everything thought to have the less maintenance possible and the best resistance to the various weather conditions.

For the frame design, I have been inspired by my Giant Defy from 2010 and the hardtrail bicyles style. The result is a stylish frame with a characteristic low rear geometry.

A unisex design ready to make your daily ride GEZELLIG! (Cozy in Dutch)