“My little adventure as an entrepreneur. For two years I have been designing, manufacturing, selling and doing everything that involves the management and direction of a company specializing in wooden glasses”.

In 2013, La Serrella was set up by Sandy Peterson and Adrià Cano López. It is a new firm dedicated to the wooden glasses design. The company’s products and character inspiration is based in the mountains that surround it, and to which it owes their name; the Serrella. All in all, it tries to convey rural life, peace and nature, elements that characterize this area.

To achieve this purpose, a totally handmade manufacturing process is implemented, which transmits that humanity and personality to each glasses. A process that allows absolute control of the product, quality controls, design changes and adjustments to new materials proposals.

"We have experienced all the steps that an object follows, from its design on paper, to its production and sale. I think it has been a good stage to better understand the product design and its application in real life”.

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One of the premises for La Serrella is to always keep researching and improving the products. This desire to continue experimenting aims to keep alive the creative process and innovation, obtaining special editions differentiated from mass productions.

As you can see below, the result are limited production runs of unique glasses that play with materials, processes and shapes. Some of them have been created in collaboration with other brands.