As every year, the textile world has one of its most important appointments in Heimtextil (Germany). FIL GOOD was the proposal chosen by the company Piel S.A. to represent the firm in the fair.

With the occasion of this event, the company Piel S.A. performs annually a collaboration with the Escola d'Art d'Alcoi to find innovative and creative designs that can serve as a showroom for his attendance to Heimtextil.

FIL GOOD was the winning project in 2013. A scenography that is clearly inspired by the landscape that can be found within this company. Threads that fall from the ceiling, fabrics that move between rollers, the purest white or infinite ranges of color.

The result is a nod to all these machines and their essence, the Thread. In Catalan called "fil", hence its name, which can be translated as "the good thread", but clearly intended to be a play on the words "Feel Good". All the threads are initially white and become colored to give shape to the chosen objects, symbolizing the creation process and its application to the products. A colorful party that brings joy to the stand and that aims to attract visitors to the fair and invite to walk and interact between the facilities.