This project is based on the search for a funerary container made with sustainable materials that respect the environment. The aim of the design is to permit the container’s deposit in a natural environment so that the life cycle can act by itself.

The design’s shape clearly refers to an egg, the container that in many species manages to give life. However, this shape is chosen in this case to close the cycle and start a new one. The oval structure is constructed with a bird food composition, potato starch, guar gum and seaweeds. Inside, the ashes will be deposited with some soil and seeds.

The process begins when the birds start to eat the food around the urn. The previous activity opens holes in the container and this allows the light and water entrance in the container. These conditions are essential for this new life to be born in the form of plants or trees. Finally, the time will decompose the urn until its complete disappearance. The container is prepared to be buried as well as to be left on a surface.